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        Real Estate Development
         Real Estate Development Service Introduction
         一、Enterprise Qualification     The group consists of holding company—Weifang Taihe Property Co., Ltd., possessing second grade qualification of real estate development. 
        二、Development Capability    To be able to develop Residential Areas, group buildings and supporting facilities with 0.25 million square meters, such as, civil houses, communal facilities, industrial workshops, commercial buildings and so on. 三、Representative projectsChangda Garden, covers an area of 20 mu, including building area of 26 thousand square meters. With hyper modernism style, beautiful scenery, European sentiment, the Residential Area becomes a big scenic wonder of Weifang Urban Construction. 
        Taihe Commercial Square, multi-function commercial area integrating commerce, office and residence, full of modern mood, is the ideal place to invest, handle business and live.  Taihe Commercial Square                       

              Taihe Commercial Square Office Building                             Changda Garden Residential Building


                      Changda Garden Office Building

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