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          To build quality Changda, good-faith Changda, people-oriented Changda, Culture Changda, and civilized Changda; , gradually form capital socialization, enterprise group, manager professionalism, management modernization; all the staff have a rich and dignified life.
            Changda Tenet: serve the society in good faith, devote to the welfare of all the people
            Changda Spirits: unity, work hard, pragmatic, integrity, innovation and dedication
            Management Ideas: People oriented, high efficiency and accuracy, priority in benefit, scientific advance 
            Allocation Ideas: benefit decides allocation, dedication decides difference
            Talent Ideas: morality and ability are uppermost, trust and good at use people
            Quality Principle: strengthen process management, build excellent project, strive for continuous improvement, make customers satisfactory
            Changda Work of Style:  be a upright person, do things with innovative spirit,  face difficulty to advance, unity and cooperation
            Service Ideas: be a stood person, offer kneeling service
            Operative norm of staff:  honest, credibility, work hard, responsible, innovation, learning, good virtue, high ability
            Operative norm for leaders: cherish overall vision, show great foresight, self-discipline, pragmatic, seek change 
            Market Ideas: extend professional service, build quality project for the society, save money for owners, human relation is wealth connection
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