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        Weifang Changda construction group

        was founded in August 1949, is a set of planning and design, project investment, real estate development, engineering construction, engineering facilities, operation management, financial services in one of the large-scale comprehensive construction enterp- rises, construction enterprises competitiveness is Chinese 100 enterprises, the construction industry advanced enterprises, national excellent .....


        Chairman: Xu Pengqiang

        Weifang Changda construction group is a veteran of the construction team. These years,In the commun- ity's strong support and help, we always adhere...

        General manager: Zhu Jiuzhou

        Sincerely thank the social from all walks of life friend! Brilliant construction groupYou can not do without the support of the past......



        The third staff congress of the seventh session of the group...

        In May 2020, locust willows will be washed away in the rain, and Cherry Cheese will be tasted. There are many beautiful sentences in ancient...

        Secretary Hui Xin'an went to Changda group to visit represen...

        &On the morning of March 15, 2020, Hui Xin'an, Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of Weif...


        Address: Group Health East high tech Zone of Shandong province Weifang City No. 6999.
        Fax telephone:0536-8258277
        New Zealand contact:
        Office phone:+64 9 4798981
        Qatar contact:
        Office phone:+974 4475 9496
        Address:Room 162, building 230, No. 302, zone 26, Doha, Qatar

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